SimCity BuildIt: A detailed review of EA’s new game

SimCity BuildIt is a city-building simulation mobile game developed by EA Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. Launched in 2014, the game is part of the SimCity franchise. It has the same objective as the other games in the franchise – to design and grow a successful virtual city.

Below is a detailed review of the game and some of its pros and cons.


As a Mayor of the city, you’re tasked with laying down the roads, building houses and factories to increase the population and collecting taxes. You’re also responsible for providing basic facilities to your citizens – such as water, electricity, garbage disposal, and education – for their well-being. If you neglect your citizens, they move out, and you lose out on tax revenue.

You start out with residential zones which house your sim population. Next, you place the industrial plot, which constructs raw materials such as wood, metal, and nails. As your city grows, you need more and more of these materials to upgrade your residential zones and to increase the population. After progressing through a few levels, you unlock the service buildings (such as fire station, police station, etc) which only serve the houses closer to it in proximity.

The Mayor’s Club, which unlocks at level 18, lets you interact with other players. It is a group of 25 players who can chat or trade with each other. They also compete together in the Contest of Mayors – a fiveday event where participants are given some tasks to complete. The participants are rewarded with bonus points on the completion of these tasks.
What works?

SimCity BuildIt has many things going in its favor.For starters, it does not restrict itself to being a city building game. The Mayor is in charge of making several important decisions which affect the lives of the citizens and the growth of the city – such as, choosing between the clean and expensive wind energy and the cheaper coal for power supply.

You also need to plan your city carefully to boost your population and income. For instance,

placing a house beside a polluting factory or a waste plant will find few takers and eventually the residents will move out. Moreover, all homes and businesses want easy access to public services such as roads, fire stations or police stations, and it becomes crucial to find the right layout for your city.

The game boasts of stunning visuals which allow its users to have full rotational control of their city. The zoom-in feature allows you to see just how detailed the graphics are – you can see cars on the street, stoplights and even traffic jams. These features keep you engaged in the game even when you’re waiting for your timers to finish.

Although it is free-to-play, the timers placed on the construction of raw materials can be irksome and a major hurdle to faster progress to someone who doesn’t want to spend real money on the game. If this is the case, then you’ll have to search for the best simcity buildit strategies in 2018.

Final thoughts

SimCity BuildIt offers a fair free-to-play online gaming experience to its users. It’s your choice whether you want to spend real money or not; either way, the game offers plenty of opportunities to expand your virtual city as there aren’t many hard paywalls.
Overall, the game perfectly blends the genre of city building with strategy and delivers a fun and addictive gaming experience to its users.

Free diamonds generator for Mobile Legends

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Is it really necessary to use the resource generator to acquire diamonds?

Any Mobile Legends player will know that diamonds are not very easy to acquire. Of course, there are a number of ways for acquiring diamonds. However, this requires you to complete difficult challenges and be highly consistent with the game. If you fail to do this, you may not be able to accumulate enough diamonds for making different vital purchases.

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2. Pocket-friendly

Mobile legends have a feature which allows the players to purchase various in-game items by making real payments. This is an alternative option that allows the players to acquire vital items such as new skins and weapons even when they do not have enough resources. This may give a boost to your game. However, it will also burn a huge hole in your pocket, especially if you a consistent player. Mobile Legends Free Diamonds generator on the other hands gives you free diamonds at all times. Opening an account does not require payment, and neither does the individual resource generation process.

3. Safe and secure

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What are Guns of Boom and its advantages?

Guns of the boom are the multiplayer game where two different teams face each other under highly conditioned environment. These teams are prepared by you guys while playing this game .this is an android game which supports Android platform earlier, but with the time as the popularity of this game increases, developers made it compatible for iPhone and ios platforms too. This game is easily available in the Google play store or on apple store. In this game, according to their game, they secure their ranking among all the players. You get top rank if you are a safe player.

Cheat codes of guns of the boom:

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These games are played by all age groups. And if you get the cheat codes of this game means you are in the win-win situation to play this game without spending a single penny on it. This toll has no hidden charges to use their cheat codes.

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Advantages of playing this game

There are number of advantages to playing this game are as follows-

In this game, you can select your team members as well as the opposite team to whom you want to fight. Along with the team selection, you can also select your avatar in this game.

With this game, you will get all the latest updates of this game, and what offers they offer you.

If there is any difficulty in collecting gems and coins in your account, they also have a spare option which is known as the gun of boom hack. This tool will help you up to

an extent. In this game, you got a supportive customer support.

Guns of the boom are an international multiplayer game in which you can play with the players who are not from your friend’s circle. All of them may be unknown to you, but this game offers you an opportunity to make new international friends. On the internet, guns of boom are trending.

How to Improve Your Skills in Clash Royale

Have you played dozens of matches and have lost more than you have one? Are you stuck in one particular arena and are not progressing further? It’s fine – millions of people play Clash Royale and it’s okay to lose. In this article we will give you a number of tips on how you can get better at Clash Royale.
Watch Replays

This is a nice feature that Clash Royale offers that lets you learn from your previous mistakes and prevent them from happening. After you watch your previous games you’ll also get an idea on how you play yourself and you can critique yourself.

Learn and Read About All the Cards and Their Stats
There are a myriad of cards in Clash Royale, each card is unique and has its own abilities and purpose. You should look up all the cards, or at least all the cards that are limited to your arena and learn their stats; you should know their health, the damage they do, how quickly they move, the range of their attacks and also their elixir costs. This allows you to make the necessary calculations to win a match. Once you know this information you can just use it to counter your opponent’s cards and also know when to not use certain cards. You can also use this to give yourself and elixir advantage by using the clash royale hack 2018.

Friendly Battles
You should ask your friend to sit down with you and play a friendly match. You can use this opportunity to learn from your friends and also just experiment with different decks and new cards without worrying about losing. Sure you could do this in the training area as well, but you can’t exactly have that control over which card you’re using and which card the AI uses.

A Look into Clash Royale

Sometimes, this world can become too overwhelming. Between house bills and work presentations, most of us crave for some time out when we are not constantly plagued by worldly worries. While some might want to indulge in outdoor activities to distract themselves, others find that nothing works better than playing video games.

As you enter a virtual reality, for the duration of the game, nothing but ensuring your victory matters. It is one of the perfect forms of escapism. While there are many games you can play, we find Clash Royale to be one of the best games out there currently.

What Is Clash Royale?

Those of you who have heard of and played Clash of Clans are likely to find this game to be addictive and interesting. Clash Royale is yet another addition to the Clash series by Supercell which was launched in 2016.

This game features a similar theme and style but masks it under a different genre than Clash of Clans. The gameplay includes defending your castle from your opponent while taking measures to destroy theirs. The match ends when the castle of either side is destroyed completely.

Throughout Clash Royale, you are required to collect cards which will allow you to get your hands on various Clash of Clans characters and spells. Not only will you get to play with the same old faces of the Clans series, but you will also be given various new characters ranging from Princes to Baby Dragons.

The creators of the game had increased the stakes by rewarding players with trophies if they succeed in knocking the Princes and Kings from their opponent’s tower. Such rewards have made the game fun to play.

What Is the Deal with Collecting Cards?

Those of you who are new to the game might wonder, what role does the card collection process play in the game? Well, you use cards to play units in the war zone. All your troops will be represented by cards rather than actual characters. This makes collecting cards crucial for waging war against your opponent.

Each card and, hence, troop member will feature a different set of strengths and weaknesses. If you end up collecting more than one card of the same troop, you can upgrade the character to enhance its power.

Major Features of Clash Royale

Various features of the game make it distinct from other options. One of the key characteristics is the fact that rather than fighting against a computer, Clash Royale allows you to test your skills against real players from all around the world. This makes taking their trophies and defeating them much more meaningful compared to a computer opponent.

Additionally, rather than just scattering the collectible cards throughout the game, Clash Royale rewards its players with chests which need to be unlocked to enjoy the cards that are present within them. These chests can be earned by destroying your enemy’s tower.

The game also guarantees that you do not get bored by the repetitiveness of it all. Hence, it offers its users the chance to battle it out in different arenas as they progress in the game. Additionally, you can challenge your friends and fellow clanmates for a duel just for fun and combat against them to determine who the better player is.

Such features, when combined, make this game a holistic and enthralling adventure.

Freemium Model

The good news is that you don’t need to pay a single penny when you install the game from the App Store or Play Store. The fact that the game is available to be enjoyed for free is appreciated by many.

However, Clash Royale does require in-app purchases. These purchases may come in handy when you are short on gold or elixir. While it is your choice whether or not to buy such items, at one point or another, you will find that you don’t have much of a say in it, especially if you want to progress further. This is the freemium model of the game which is adopted by many other apps so you should use


All in all, Clash Royale is bound to make you feel energized as you experience the adrenaline-pumping excitement. Let it all out and play the game to emerge as the winner.

Instagram Hack Is Playing A Vital Role


Instagram Is Playing A Vital Role

Instagram is the fastest mode for sending photos as well as the videos. Through this quick way, we can share our lives with our friends as well as relatives. It is an internet based photo sharing application. People around all over the world are using Instagram as a medium to send photos and videos instantly. There is a trend of using social sites in this era such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapshot, and Instagram is one of them.


Connecting people

Now people are uploading pictures on Instagram to share their lovely movements with their friend everyone is transmitting their pictures to Instagram for getting more likes and followers. The trend of Internet is getting popularity day by day. Everybody wants that they have followers more than their friends. More followers and likes bring beautiful smile on our faces. This is the most used social media now these days. Most of the people are hacking the Instagram sites some are hacking because of jealous. In the case of spouses they are hacking accounts because of possessiveness. We have the lots of questions in our mind in what way we can get Instagram followers hack? Many applications are available on the web which gives the cheat codes and with the help of these; we can get a bunch of followers in a minute. Some applications are asking for money and some are fake so be aware of them.

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Instagram is used by the people all across over the word. It is the fastest mode for sending photos and videos to our natives. Through the Instagram, we can send as well as get photos easily we don’t need to spend on couriers. It is free as well as instant mode. The word insta has arrived from the word instant. So Insta plus gram two words when combined together make the Instagram the most loving way to share our lovely movements with our near ones. Instagram is connecting people all over the world. We should install Instagram hack tool to get our hacked accounts back.

Best Possible Details About The Clash Of Clans

In the world of the video games, Clash of Clans is at the height of the success because of the most exciting and superb concept. The developer or publisher of this game is Supercell who put all the efforts in order to give us such a fun loving game. While this game comes a few years ago but if we talk about the popularity then it is unbelievable because people are playing this on a wide level. You can easily pass the free time with the help of this game and also use that time in a proper way.  In this game; resources stand on the high position and you must focus on that. While there are many ways to get those resources such like golds and gems but in my suggestion, Clash of Clans hack is the best and easy way which should be preferred by players.

The role of Clash of Clans hack:

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Deep details about COC hack:

There are many websites providing you the hacking service but if we talk about the reliable then the list becomes shorter and shorter. It is quite difficult to find the appropriate one among the huge variety because you have to consider a lot of points. COC Hack is the perfect and appropriate hacking tool which is most reliable and you can easily trust on that. For the satisfaction, you van also check the reviews about this in which people share an experience of using this. These reviews are the best way to judge anyone because here you can get the genuine knowledge. Apart from this; after the use of this you can also give your opinion about this and share your experience and guide other people. There are many benefits of using this hacking tool, let me take you deep about the benefits by the upcoming paragraphs.

  • The main benefit of this generator is that you can get the maximum amount of the gold which makes the whole process of playing this game easy.
  • In the use of this, you don’t need to wait because it will give you the desired amount of the resources in such a short time. While playing the game you have to wait or fight with other players which are the slow methods. This hacking tool is the appropriate way for the instant result.
  • This is a free of cost gems generator and that is the most attention seeker point. You are not required to pay any type of amount for using this and you can easily take all the advantages of a simple verification process.
  • With the use of this, you will get the unlimited gems which will help you to upgrade the base. When you have a lot of gems then you can play the game without any fear of losing the gems.

These are some benefits of using this online generator and you can easily take all such benefits with the help of the strong internet connection. Whether you are a beginner or an old player, you can’t ignore the importance of this hacking tool because this is the easiest way to get the resources. The process of using this is so easy and anyone can understand this at one time. In order to get the best results you just need to prefer the option of the COC hack. Moreover; Clash of Clans is the very famous game and this is also the best way to get entertain. There are a lot of exciting levels in this game and you can easily pass the spare time by playing this amazing video game.

Hay Day – A Game More In Trend

There are a number of entertainment sources existing around the world, people prefer to play games which are the best way to get entertained. When we talk about the games which are developed by the Supercell, we can’t ignore the name of Hay Day that is one of the best farming games. You can easily play it on your mobile phones but you have to first download it from the play store or from the iTunes. In this game, you find a farm in which you can buy or sell the goods to other players. Hay Day is easy to play but if you want to become a master in the game you need several months. You can easily expertise in the game by concentrating on the basic facts of the game. If you want to succeed more, we recommend using a Hay Day Hack diamonds tool for the best gameplay experience

How to play Hay Day?

If you install such game newly on your mobile device, don’t worry you can easily get to know the basic concepts of the game with the help of the Scarecrow. You can play through the tutorial to crack the game and you also get know about the game deeply. In such tutorial, you can easily learn to give a name to your farm and other activities like painting the house or to plant the new crops on your farm. After the tutorial, you are ready to play the Hay Day with great confidence. You firstly have to plant the new crops to the land for which you get the three plots and click on the one and to choose some wheat and then you can drag it for planting them. Such crops help you to move further in the game and to earn the gold. After that, you can purchase the livestock for your farm to make it more Interesting and giving a new level to the game.

Here’s the Scoop on Ice Cream Games

Ice cream is a favorite treat for most people, no matter what type of weather it is outside. There’s just something about that cold, creamy confection that people seem to love, and that draws them in.
When you enter an ice cream parlor, the different flavors of ice creams meld together in a fragrance that tantalizes the senses. A rainbow of different types of ice cream meets your eyes as you anticipate and decide what type of ice cream you would like to have.

There are two games that allow you to be on the other side of the counter when it comes to an ice cream parlor. These two games are Cindy’s Sundaes and Ice Cream Craze, and we’ll take a look at each one of these games.

Cindy’s Sundaes

Cindy’s Sundaes is a match three game combined with a time management game. Similar to games like Gem Shop and Gift Shop, you use your mouse to move the scoops of ice cream around so that you make groups of three or more. The more scoops you match, the faster your customer’s order is filled, and the more money you receive for the order.

This game has beautiful graphics, and there are five different worlds for you to complete, each with its own toppings and challenges. You can buy upgrades for your shop with tokens, and you can even create your own special sundaes for your customers. Each world has from eight to ten levels to complete in all.

Cindy’s Sundaes quickly became one of my favorite games. Not only are the graphics realistic and great, but it’s challenging and a lot of fun to play.

Ice Cream Craze

Ice Cream Craze is a game that is similar to Stand O’ Food, if you have ever played that. The ice cream scoops cones, and other items are on conveyor belts, and you have to pick them up in order. Unlike Stand O’ Food though, you have to hand the ice cream to the customer. There is also no provision for putting things in the wrong order and wrapping it up, as there is with Stand O’ Food.

Of the two games, this is my least favorite. It’s confusing at first and it can get very frustrating.

Both Cindy’s Sundaes and Ice Cream Craze are available though Both of these games presents a challenge, but Cindy’s Sundaes is gradual in the level of challenge, whereas Ice Cream Craze is a game that is challenging right from the start. Whether you play Cindy’s Sundaes or Ice Cream Craze, both of these games are an easy, low calorie way to enjoy your favorite ice cream treats.

Strategy Making in Clash Royale

Clash Royale is Smartphone game which is extremely popular in the new era. Most of the people love to play it due to many reasons:

  • Interface
  • Strategy making
  • Graphics

The strategy making is the main thing by which people get attacked it. You can also play clash Royale by downloading it from Google play store or Apple App store. You have deck, cards, and currencies to manage and if you are playing balanced in every section then you can complete it easily.

How To Battle

The battle is something which you can do with anyone or your friends. The battle can be completed through many ways like if you choose a strategy such as a clash royale hack in which you are attacking first then this strategy will go with your method. As I am a user of this game and according to me well the strategy is playing with patience. Yes, this is not easy if you are a hot blooded person. First of all, wait for the enemy to attack then defense from them and meanwhile focus on main towers like the crown. Don’t let the enemy know by playing cards fast and fast.

Review About Clash Royale

It is an awesome game with pretty good graphics. If you have ever played this then you will know many things as well as you have reviewed and rated it. This game is rated as 4 stars on both the platform and reviews are pretty good. Some bad reviews regarding this game are that it consumes lots of money if you are purchasing gems. In this condition, users can use clash royale hack which can be helpful in generating coins and gems in free. The good thing is that there is no limit so generate unlimited and play the whole day.